Jimmy Kimmel Brings Back Cruel Halloween Candy Prank & We Can't Stop Laughing (VIDEO)

Unless you are a glutton for punishment, you will not try this at home. Every year, Jimmy Kimmel challenges parents to break the news to their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy and video tape their explosive reactions. Only the bravest of parents take on the stunt and the results are never disappointing.

Prepare to encounter kids who have classic, throw-everything-not-chained-down tantrums, as well as those who look as though they've just discovered their parents are demons from another planet sent here to torture them. Don't worry, there are still a few super sweet kids who are all zen and forgiving about it, and we can all daydream that our children would have the exact same reaction (yeah right). This hilarious video shows just what happens when children realize their most prized candy possessions have been gobbled up by their totally mean parents.


My personal favorite reactions include the adorable tot who tells his parent "you ruined my life!" as well as the one who proves he's a lawyer-in-the-making by questioning his mom and then concluding, "You must have a belly ache."

Then there's the interesting kid who decides to open up all of the drawers in his kitchen -- maybe he doesn't believe his mom and is hunting for his candy? And, of course, you'll fall in love with the little girl who shrugs it off with this supremely mature response: "We'll get some more next time." That girl deserves EXTRA candy just for being awesome.

My daughter hasn't stopped talking about her candy since Halloween night. Each day she asks about her chocolate bars -- and, since she's only 3, doesn't realize mommy and daddy have been slowly making them disappear after she goes to bed at night. Kids treat their candy as if it's something they worked darn hard to get. I don't blame them for flipping out at the thought that mom and dad -- who did NOTHING except make Halloween trick-or-treating possible for them -- went to town on their treats.

Still, some of these reactions might just shock you:

Which one was your favorite reaction? How do you think your child would react if you told him or her you ate all of the Halloween candy?


Image via rochelle hartman/Flickr

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