Mom Makes the Painful Decision to End 12-Year-Old Daughter's Life​

Two days before she gave birth, Charlotte Fitzmaurice knew her daughter Nancy was never going to have an easy life. She was born blind with hydrocephalus, meningitis, and septicemia -- which meant she could not eat, drink, walk, or talk.

Still, Charlotte was determined to fight for her daughter's life. She quit her job to care for her and, when the responsibility became too much, arranged for her to have 24-hour hospital care so that Nancy could be fed and medicated by tube. It's hard to even imagine this for one second, but she stood by her bedside as Nancy endured so much pain that she, literally, screamed for hours -- even after she was given morphine and ketamine.

After 12 years of caring for Nancy, not seeing any improvement in her condition and witnessing her agony, Charlotte made the heartbreaking decision to end her life -- and, with a compassionate judge's approval, won the right to do so. The fact that so many people are crucifying her for it now is appalling.


One of the statements Nancy made in court was that her daughter is no longer her daughter, but "merely just a shell."

This little girl's body stopped working. That doesn't take away from the fact that she still has a spirit, but maybe Charlotte came to the realization that she was allowing her daughter to suffer greatly instead of letting her spirit flourish the way it could when freed from her body.

Look, I can throw out as many theories as I want, but the bottom line is that none of us know why she chose to have her child euthanized. We aren't in her head. Still, I believe in my heart that this was NOT a selfish decision on mom's part -- it was a selfless one.

NO mother would choose death over life if she didn't feel in her heart and soul that it was the only choice she had left. There really is no right or wrong decision when it comes to dealing with the heartbreaking reality of having a severely ill child. Some parents choose to fight the fight until their child takes his or her very last breath -- that choice is right. Others feel their child deserves to be in peace and that the only way to achieve a peaceful state is through death -- that choice is right.

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All parents with sick children deserve nothing but compassion and empathy. No one has it easy and most parents have nothing but the best intentions for their children.

What do you think of this mom's decision to end her child's life?


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