Popular Car Seats Recalled: 6 Things Parents Need to Know​

baby car seatRight on the heels of a massive baby wipes recall, there's more bad news for moms: a car seat recall affecting some 200,000 safety seats has been issued. Maker Evenflo recalled 1.3 million car seats earlier this year due to a faulty buckle, and now the company has expanded that recall, working with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to get additional seats addressed.

According to Evenflo, the recalled seats contain a "harness crotch buckle which may become resistant to unlatching over time, due to exposure to various contaminants (like food and drinks) that are present in everyday use." If you're driving around with an Evenflo seat in your car, here's what you need to know:


1. This recall is for the Embrace 35 two-piece, rear-facing infant child restraint. The recalled seats are those equipped with an AmSafe QT1 buckle, which is the focus of the recall, but not every Embrace 35 has one of these buckles, so check your model number.

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2. The model numbers of the affected seats are as follows: 30711365, 31511040, 31511323, 31511400, 3151198, 3151953, 31521138, 46811205, 46811237, 48111200, 48111215, 48111215A, 48111218, 48111234, 48111235, 48111235A, 48111462, 48411391, 48411391D, 48411392, 48411504, 48411504D, 52911307A, 52921040, 55311138, 55311238, and 55311292.

3. The seats were manufactured between December 2011 and May 2013.

4. Although the car seat itself meets crash test standards, the NHTSA warns the buckle may not release easily, which could prove to be dangerous in case of an accident or other event where a child has to be removed quickly from the car.

5. Parents should not bring their car seat to a retailer. Instead, moms are asked to call Evenflo, 800-490-7591, or visit the Embrace Recall website to get a repair kit for the buckle at no cost.

6. While waiting for your repair kit, you can also clean the buckle to make it a little safer.

Have you experienced issues with your child's car seat buckle? What car seat do you use?


Image via NHTSA

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