Neighbor Leaves Anonymous Note Telling New Mom to Shut Her Baby Up​ (PHOTO)

It's bad enough when judgy moms get in your business over the way you're raising your children. When a neighbor who doesn't even have the courage to complain to your face leaves an anonymous note on your doorstep about your "crying" baby -- you can't help but question how he or she got this far in life lacking compassion or common sense.

Trish LaForty is a 26-year-old Australian mom who was naturally furious after she found a note in her mailbox that very nastily told her that her baby's non-stop crying "all day" could no longer be tolerated. As you may have guessed, no one claimed responsibility for the note, nor did anyone offer a great solution (like a free day of babysitting, which this poor mom could no doubt use so she can relax for five minutes and get away from her nasty neighbors). But never fear -- LaForty had the PERFECT response.


So, here's the note she received:

Seriously, what nerve. Has this person ever even heard of "crying it out" or stopped for one second to think about how some babies are colicky or simply cry more than others? Did this person ever wonder how difficult it must be for a mother (or father) to listen to their baby cry himself to sleep, but know that if she picked him up, he'd never learn how to fall asleep on his own?

LaForty took a stand for all moms when she posted this amazing response to her community's Facebook page:

I can't blame this mom for spewing vitriol in her post. The note her neighbor left is simply a thoughtless reaction to something that is irritating at best, but a part of life. LaForty is right. If you choose to live like a recluse and separate yourself from people and their families, which often include crying babies, go for it. If not, show restraint and humanity. Take a minute to realize this mom -- NO mom -- loves to hear her child cry. If you can offer a great suggestion on how to get baby to stop crying, well jeez, I'm pretty sure any mom would welcome that with open arms.

But this is pure negativity without purpose. And it's the last thing a mom needs in her already hectic life.

What would you have done if you found this note in your mailbox?


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