​Mix-Up in Gender Reveal Cake Creates Major Confusion for Couple (VIDEO)

I always fantasized about have a gender reveal party, but didn't have enough discipline and patience while pregnant to wait even a second before finding out if I was having a boy or girl. One couple from Pennsylvania had patience and took all of the necessary steps needed to throw a successful gender reveal bash. They gave their doctor's sealed envelope, which revealed their baby's gender, to their local bakery, gathered family and friends at their home, and prepared to cut into the cake and see whether it contained blue or pink icing. So exciting!

But things did not go as planned when they discovered their bakery made a HUGE mistake that left the couple totally confused. And the entire mess was caught on camera.


Natalie Bell and her husband Ben say they were thrilled to share the special gender reveal moment with their loved ones in anticipation of the birth of their first child in March. When they cut the cake, the icing was pink -- and everyone screamed at the thought of having a sweet little girl.

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Even though you're months away from actually giving birth, in my experience, when you find out your baby's gender, you get these little flashes in your mind of what life will be like with a boy or girl. I actually thought ahead to helping my daughter pick out her wedding dress -- so it's easy to see how a mom/dad could get caught up in the moment.

But, hold on a second ... the icing looked a little too light to be a convincing shade of pink, and since Natalie says she wanted to post the reveal on Facebook, she figured it would good to include a card their doctor gave them with the word "girl" on it.

But when they opened their envelope, there was a little problem. The doctor's card said "boy." And when the couple checked with the bakery, their card also said "boy." Yep, the bakery mistakenly filled their cake with pink icing instead of blue icing!

Although Natalie and Ben say they aren't sure they'll be purchasing any more cakes from the bakery in the future, they also have a pretty good attitude about the whole thing and say they've forgiven the business for its error. Hey, mistakes happen, right? And it's equally as awesome to find out you're having an adorable little boy -- after you get over the shock of learning you aren't having a girl, of course.

Look on the bright side: at least this couple double checked before they went out and bought a bunch of sundresses, right? 

Here's the moment this couple cut into their gender reveal cake:

How do you think you would have reacted if you were this mom-to-be?


Image via ecooper99/Flickr

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