The Real Story Behind Your Newborn's Hospital Blanket

newborn baby in striped blanketTake a look at your Facebook feed or scroll through your Instagram. If you have ever seen a newborn baby announcement, chances are that little addition is decked out in the signature blue and pink striped blanket.

Nearly ever single newborn in America is wrapped up in the identical blanket in the hospital (pictured above). And why? It's not because there aren't fashionable options for your latest addition, but as Quartz puts it, the "Kuddle-Up blanket was entwined with the institutionalization of childbirth."


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Made by Medline, a healthcare supply company from Illinois, the blanket is just one option in the Kuddle-Up blanket line. In fact, the provider carries another smaller-striped version, solid options, and ones with dinosaur, duck, and footprint patterns. Yet, over the years, the blue and pink striped one has taken over.

Apparently Medline sells 1.5 million blankets every single year. And with its gender-neutral pattern, it's perfect for literally every single new maternity ward patient.

So no, you're not just seeing pictures of the same baby over and over and over again. They really all are just dressed in the exact same first outfit.

Was your baby also dressed in this blanket?


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