Pediatrician Gives Little Girl Worst Reason Ever for Getting a Flu Shot

flu shotOn a scale of 1 to 10, the day you take your kids in for their shots ranks a solid -2. They're looking at you with those puppy dog eyes wondering why you would inflict pain on them, and you're hoping against hope that they won't feel it for more than a minute. You may be tempted to pull out all the stops ... but here's hoping you don't pull out the reason one pediatrician had for a little girl to get her flu mist vaccine.

Because it would make her strong? Because it would prevent a disease that killed 105 kids last year? No. And no.


As a dad related on Out With the Kids recently, one doc told his pint-sized female patient:

You know why you should get the flu mist, sweetie? Because all the boys at school will think you’re cute.

Um, what now?

My daughter will get a big ol' shot in the arm this year -- as she has for the last eight years -- because the CDC has said that everyone 6 months and up needs a flu shot to protect them from a vaccine-preventable deadly disease. But that is exactly how I will present it: this shot in the arm, while painful, will keep you from getting VERY sick. What boys think is ENTIRELY irrelevant because you're a human being who is important, regardless of what members of the opposite sex (or heck, the same sex) think of you.

File this under one thing the pro-vaccine crowd AND the anti can agree on: this the worst reason to give your kid the flu mist this year.

What did you say to convince your kids to get a flu shot this year?


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