10 Best & Worst States for Education -- Is Yours on the List?

little girl writing at schoolWhen you're settling down and starting a family, a lot of issues come to mind. Are you financially stable? Is the area you live in safe? What's the medical system like? And another one you need to add to that list: education. Lucky for us, the Opportunity Index state rankings for 2014 were just released, and we can see state-by-state how all 50 measure up on the education front.

Measure of America and Opportunity Nation, both organizations that monitor and report on the nation's issues, joined forces to create the Opportunity Index. They broke it down into jobs and economy, community life, and, of course, education. And within that educational block, three main categories went into ranking each state: number of kids enrolled in preschool, percent of high school freshmen who complete school in four years, and how many residents have earned an associate degree or higher.


And where the states ended up may surprise you.

We've included the 10 best (in order of best to worse), and 10 worst (in order of better to worst) in the list below. Take a look:

Are you surprised to see the state ranked lowest?


Image © Virgo Productions/Corbis