How Having Babies Could Help You Live Longer

son hugging pregnant momPregnancy changes you in many ways. From the growing belly to the unusual cravings, your body completely adjusts to accommodate the new growing life. But did you know that even after you've given birth, your baby's cells stay with you forever? A recent study, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, shows that these leftover baby cells can actually make moms stronger and healthier.

Specifically, they found moms of boys live longer and have a lower risk for cancers thanks to this condition called microchimerism. But don't fear if you have daughters. The same advantages seem to apply to moms of girls!


So if you thought that all the magical body transformations stopped at delivery, that's definitely not the case. These leftover fetal cells actually stay with you for decades!

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They actually move all around your body. After baby, they make their way everywhere, including your blood and other vital organs. That could explain why, all of a sudden, you've become healthier and your body has become more powerful.

That "mommy might"? Yeah, it's real.

And with some extra DNA and helpful cells, it could explain why women all of a sudden become superheroes after giving birth. Yes, you can do it all! And it's all thanks to those few leftover gifts. Thanks, kids!

What's your mom superpower?


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