Terrifying Look at What Really Happens When You Shake a Baby (VIDEO)​​

Moms who give birth in hospitals know too well about the dangers of shaking their babies. Before being allowed to leave a hospital with our newborn, many of us must watch a video about Shaken Baby Syndrome and even sign a paper that states we understand the perils of shaking our infants. Most of us have heard all of the horror stories associated with the syndrome, yet it can still feel like somewhat of an abstract concept. What, exactly, happens when a baby is shaken? And how hard are we talking about here?

The answers to these questions are even more frightening than you might realize. Thanks to a new interactive simulation doll developed by the Trauma Services department in Missouri, we can all watch an important video that shows us exactly how much brain damage babies endure from even the slightest shake.


The doll features a clear skull that lights up red in certain spots when it's shaken. Although it's pretty obvious you could hurt a child by shaking him violently, some may find it surprising that even the slightest shake could cause whiplash and result in irreparable damage. Babies who have been shaken by frustrated parents or caretakers often suffer "significant cognitive or neurological deficits" and can develop learning disabilities, seizures, paralysis, or even blindness.

Hospitals in southwest Missouri have found this doll to be so effective in getting this important message across that experts are looking to expand this outreach effort to other cities.

When I gave birth, I was required to watch a video about Shaken Baby Syndrome and sign a document that stated I understood the dangers. I had two issues with this: my husband was not required to watch the video, which makes zero sense, AND my video was only available in Spanish at the time. Had I -- and my partner -- been forced to sit through a live demonstration using this doll, the message health officials are looking to convey would have been received loud and clear.

This is a frightening video to watch -- but a truly important one:

Did you realize how little shaking it took to hurt a baby? What do you think of this interactive simulation doll?


Image via Springfield News-Leader

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