Medicating Your Kids: The Mistakes Every Mom Is Making

medicine cupsCold and flu season is upon us, and a lot of parents are turning to their medicine cabinet to help their kids cope. But a startling statistic should have you double checking that medicine cup before tell your kids to drink up. Every eight minutes, a child under the age of 6 in America experiences a medication error.

Scarier still? The numbers from Nationwide Children's Hospital researchers apply to errors occurring outside of hospitals and doctor's offices.

That's right: these are often parental mistakes. And while most errors didn't require medical treatment, 25 kids in the study died as a result of out-of-hospital medication errors.


The worst offenders? Parents of kids under age 1. Twenty-five percent of these medication errors happen to babies!

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Researchers say painkillers and fever-reducers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen are the most commonly messed up meds, and the issues vary. Nearly 82 percent of errors are made with liquid dosages, while about 15 percent happen when dosing out tablets, capsules, or caplets.

Some kids are getting too much medicine (an issue brought to light earlier this year in a review of poison control calls about overdosing kids) while others are getting the wrong medicine or even getting the same drug twice.

In other words: most of these errors are pretty easy to fix ... if you just pay attention and read the directions.

Have you ever given your child the wrong medication or wrong dose? What happened?


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