Kids' Halloween Candy Scare: Why Cops Are Issuing Warnings About Drugs

halloween candy trick or treatingMove over razor blades in candy apples. Take a hike pins and needles in the trick or treat bag. This year's over-blown Halloween scare is all about marijuana. A report that cops in Denver, Colorado, are concerned that pot-laced candy looks an awful lot like the real thing has gone viral, and parents are in a hoopla over the fear that their kids are going to get high on all hallows' eve.

Pardon our failure to be alarmed, but we're not buying it.


Sure, Denver cops may be doing their due diligence, but the minute this story went national, a problem arose: parents ignored the starting point.

Denver is, of course, in Colorado, a state in which pot is legal and pot-laced candies are pretty easy to get. This is only true of two states in the nation: Colorado and Washington, rendering this a moot point for the other 48.

Got that? If you live in Maine, New Mexico, or just about anywhere BUT Colorado and Washington, your kid will probably get the same old pile of mini Milky Ways and toothbrushes from the crank across the street.

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As for the parents in those locales, let's face facts: if you're buying pot-laced candy, you're probably loading up for one reason and one reason only: to get high. Giving it to kids means missing out on your own opportunity to get baked. Not likely.

Feel better? Good. Now let's talk about the real problem on Halloween: kids getting hit by cars. According to the stats, 42 percent of car crashes in which a child is hit and killed occur during prime trick or treating hours -- right between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. With excited kids running from house to house loading their bags up with loot, your child is at a much higher risk of getting hit than getting high this Halloween. So set down some ground rules, make sure everyone looks both ways before they cross the street, and have a safe Halloween.

What's your biggest worry on Halloween night?


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