Majority of Americans Want Unvaccinated Kids Banned From School

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No matter where you stand on the vaccination debate, we can all recognize that it's a contentious issue. Whether you're strong on the pro-vaccine front, adamantly stand against them, or fall somewhere in between, it seems like everyone has their own opinion. And the latest Reason-Rupe poll reveals that not only do a majority of Americans support vaccines, but they also believe that unvaccinated children should not be allowed in public schools.


Ever wondered what Americans really think of your unvaxed kid? Well here you go. Not only does 60 percent of the nation believe that all children should be vaccinated against measles, mumps, and whooping cough, but 52 percent would like to keep unvaccinated kids out of the schools.

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And yes, while 44 percent do think that unvaxed kids should be free and able to attend any school, the majority is strongly against it.

In the vaccine argument, it's so difficult -- really impossible -- to change anyone's opinion. For any parent who has strongly adopted the anti-vaccine stance, no argument will leave them racing with their kid to the doctor's office to get their missed shots.

But the idea that your kid wouldn't be allowed in school? Where does that fall in the dispute?

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Yes, most schools require children to be immunized before the start of the year, but many states allow for exemptions ... whether people want them or not.

What do you think of unvaccinated kids in schools?


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