Little Boy Dances Like a Diva -- You Got a Problem With That? (VIDEO)​

A young boy has become an Internet legend after a video went viral showing him working it (absolutely killing it is more like it) for the camera. He was standing behind 8 News Now anchorwoman Patranya Bhoolsuwan in front of a shopping center in Las Vegas.

The boy, who appears to be about 13, began showing off his impressive dance and Vogue-ing moves -- yes, I know I'm showing my age here, but it's true -- and doesn't think twice about letting the girls around him know just how little he thinks of their oh-so-amateurish hooting and hollering. Even Bhoolsuwan was impressed and tweeted, "Apparently this kid was trying to steal my spotlight...and he succeeded. #Fierce"

But not everyone agreed that he deserves a spot on Katy Perry's tour, like, right this second. Even though this video received over one million views, many of the comments posted beneath it were downright cruel and insensitive.


One woman -- one adult woman, I will add -- took it upon herself to state: "I'm going to go ahead and say it. I bet he's gay." Others then jumped in and either defended the child or added to her sentiment with far worse remarks. Here are just a few of the most horrific ones:

"Homosexuality isn't natural and is a disease."

"kid needs to be removed from our jean pool." Yes, this person wrote "jean."

"What a little faggot."

Seriously?! Never mind the fact that it would be terribly offensive to post these comments about an adult, but this is a child we're talking about. I am disappointed that so many people feel so much fear and hatred in their hearts when they watch a young boy who isn't afraid to express himself or act in a way that is unexpected for someone of his gender.

I'm not saying this child is homosexual -- it doesn't matter. What is important here is that he seems like he is proud to be himself. He seems to possess more self-confidence than people 20 years his senior. Isn't that something we should celebrate and not try to make him feel ashamed about?

Here's the video. Let us know if you agree or disagree and feel like this child shouldn't be encouraged to act flamboyantly in public:

What are your thoughts about this video?


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