Ultrasound Shows Quadruplets & Parents Freak Out (VIDEO)​

For eight long and difficult years, Ashley and Tyson Gardner of Utah tried to conceive a baby. Like many women, Ashley suffered from endometriosis, which caused her fertility issues. The young couple was desperate to have a baby though and willing to try anything. When intrauterine insemination wasn't successful for them, they paid $12,000 this past summer to try in vitro fertilization.

Ashley endured daily injections in her stomach every morning for 25 days. She dealt with horrific hormone headaches. We're guessing the couple prayed every single night that her suffering wasn't in vain.

Well, it's putting it mildly to say the IVF treatment was a home run.

Doctors broke the amazing news to Ashley and Tyson that they were pregnant. Not with one baby. And not with two or three babies. This gorgeous couple is expecting QUADRUPLETS! And their reaction, caught on video, is priceless.


The Gardners are attempting to raise infertility awareness and have done an amazing job with this video, which chronicles their journey from the first IVF treatment to the moment they are told they're going to be parents. There are several setbacks -- and more successes.

And then the moment they've waited a lifetime for: the joy on their faces when they open up a letter that informs them the treatment was a success. They can't hold it together, understandably, and don't be surprised if you totally lose it, too! 

After learning they were having a baby, the couple returned to their doctor for their seven-week checkup, where they got the second biggest shock of their lives: they are going to be blessed with two sets of identical twins -- ALL GIRLS!

What a truly amazing gift they've received -- and they seem like just the type of loving and gracious people who truly deserve it. Ashley is currently 18 weeks pregnant, and she and Tyson are reportedly trying to find great names for their girls. Wishing them all of the best!

I encourage you to view this entire video when you have time, but it is pretty lengthy. If you want to skip to the part where they find out they're pregnant, zip on to about 9 minutes, 50 seconds.

What do you think of their video and reactions to becoming the parents of FOUR babies?


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