School Bans 'Trojan Man' Costume for No Good Reason


A senior at Dr. Phillips High School dressed up for school spirit this week on Tuesday but was sadly called to the office and asked to remove his "inappropriate" costume. The theme was "character day," and 17-year-old Jack Englund dressed up as Trojan Man.

The Orlando teen donned a red cape and a blue poster board, which he had decorated to look like a condom wrapper. His teachers were not amused by his cheeky safe-sex message, and after being sent to the office by his first-period teacher, the dean of the school made him take it off.


Englund said that he didn't think it would be a big deal. "I don't see how my piece of cardboard and cape are any more distracting," he said, comparing it to costumes such as Mario, Luigi, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

School officials are declining to comment on the dispute, but district spokeswoman Kathy Marsh said that they may ban any costumes that could "cause an undue disruption to the normal order of classroom business."

The one thing I could possibly see working in the school's favor is that fact that "sexual wording and graphics" are a no-no in the school's dress code.

But other than that -- why ban the Trojan Man costume? It's not like he dressed up as an actual condom. That would've been icky. Or maybe if he were passing condoms out, they'd have reason to ask him to stop. You have to go to the nurse's office to get those. At some schools at least. No word on if this is one of those schools.

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But seriously, in a day when sex ed is all the rage, and teaching kids to prevent pregnancy and STDs when they decide to have sex is basically all any health classes seem to teach anymore, why not let him dress up as Trojan Man?

It seems pretty hypocritical to decline to teach abstinence only and then turn around and ban Trojan Man from the halls.

Jack's mom, Sandy Pfau Englund, sided with her son, and said the school's reaction was "over the top."

"These are high-school students going to college next year," Englund, who happens to be a lawyer, said. "Let's be realistic. They watch a lot of things on Netflix that are a lot more out there than the word 'Trojan' on a poster."

They're not planning to sue, even though they believe it to be a violation of Jack's right to free speech. "All I want is an apology," he said.

Do you think the school was right to ban the Trojan Man costume from Spirit Day?


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