Paris Hilton Shares Halloween Costume No Kid Should Be Wearing

If you're a social media aficionado, you are familiar with Throwback Thursday. People post their old (sometimes embarrassing) photos for "likes" or comments. Well, Paris Hilton just took #TBT to a salacious level by posting a childhood shot of her in a Playboy Bunny Costume.

Yup, a little girl prancing around in full bunny get-up. 

It's beyond inappropriate (even for Paris ... who gets off on shock value). It's all around wrong. You have to check it out:


"Dressing up as #PlayboyBunny for Halloween. #BabyParis #ThrowbackThursday," she wrote to her fans.


Actually, this may explain the roots of her sex tape.

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How could any mom dress their little girl up as a Playboy Bunny? They were waitresses who delivered drinks (yes, alcohol, Kathy Hilton) in Playboy clubs. They were trained to serve men undressing them with their eyes over cocktails. Wouldn't she want her darling Paris to aim higher than bunny ears would allow?

So, Kathy Hilton makes a huge mistake slipping the questionable cottontail lingerie on her child. All right. Hide all evidence of the transgression. Maybe even rip up the evidence and throw the pieces in separate trash bags so they can never be taped back together. Do something to keep it under wraps.

The fact that Paris thought her costume was funny for Throwback Thursday is so disgusting. She's supposed to be an heiress. Please, Paris, please show some class!

What do you think of Paris Hilton's photo?

Images via © Christian Rios/Corbis Outline; ParisHilton/Instagram

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