105 Heartbreaking Reasons to Give Your Kid the Flu Shot​

Moms who do not give your kids the flu shot: It's time to stop the madness. According to the CDC, 105 KIDS DIED FROM THE FLU LAST YEAR -- and, of those, 90 PERCENT WERE NOT VACCINATED.

Sorry for the all caps ... these new statistics upset me to my core.

If the vision of your non-vaccinated child taking his last breath in the intensive care unit doesn't move you to do the right thing -- get your kid vaccinated! -- I don't know what will.


I think we all aware of the CDC's flu shot recommendations by now. And our pediatricians remind us over and over and over if we forget: Everyone over the age of 6 months should get vaccinated against the flu. Everyone!

I know in the grand scheme of life, 105 kids dying from an illness is a relatively small number, but most of them were perfectly healthy children who got the flu. We shouldn't lose one child's life because he wasn't vaccinated. Every kid deserves the opportunity to grow up, and it's our job as moms to give kids the best chance of becoming adults.

What are the obstacles, non-flu vaccination moms? Please try to make me understand your reasoning. New federal laws mandate insurance companies to pay for the full cost of the flu shot with no co-pay. This year, there are 150 million doses ... so they are readily available. What is it? Your kid doesn't like shots? You're afraid he will have flu-like symptoms for a day or two? He will survive a shot and the sniffles.

Do you really think the flu is a trivial disease that doesn't kill kids? Again, 105 children lost their lives last year. I can't say that enough. And most of them spent their last days being very sick ... suffering from a preventable death. Do you really want to take that kind of risk with your child this year?

Are you going to get your kids the flu vaccine?


Image via © Jose Luis Pelaez/Corbis

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