Mom Swears Her Daughter's Talkin' Barbie Curses Like a Sailor

Barbie is a grown woman (uh, doll-woman) who still parades around in pink sparkles and has such disproportionately huge boobs that you just know she's making poor Ken rub her back before bed every single night. So let's all cut her some slack if she has one glaring flaw: an extraordinary potty mouth.

That's right, a 25-year-mom named Talina Evans swears she hears her 7-year-old daughter's Talkin' Barbie talkin' like someone who needs her mouth washed out with soap. In addition to saying things like "I love a makeover," "Amaze," and "To the salon," Babs is also apparently reacting to her own vapid phrases with the poignant, "What the f***."


Evans says she took her daughter's doll away from her when she realized the thing was cursing like a truck driver. But Mattel, which makes the doll, insists its best girl is actually saying, "Off the hook."

I played this clip for my 3-year-old daughter about 10 times, and each time she laughed her head off at Barbie's voice, but confirmed that she had no clue what the crazy blonde was trying to say. At the end of my experiment, she begged me to buy her the doll. Seriously, these folks at Mattel are evil geniuses.

In all honesty, I find the phrase "There is no substitute for glitter" more perplexing than Barbie's awesome not-at-all-curse, which is, sadly, nothing more than a truly annoying catchphrase that I would give anything to avoid hearing my daughter exclaim as she walks around the house. By all means, cuss your heart out, Barbie, but "off the hook" pushes the envelope when it comes to moms' sanity.

Listen to her squeaky woman-child voice and judge for yourself what in the heck she's actually saying -- sounds a lot like an F-bomb to us.

What do you think Barbie is saying? Would you let your daughter play with her?


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