Why Carpooling Is Dangerous for Kids

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For any busy, multitasking parent (isn't that everyone, really?), carpools are a lifesaver. Trading off turns with neighbors or friends on who will be driving the kids to school each morning frees up some of your time and lets you peacefully get ready for the day. But the latest report, completed by Safe Kids Worldwide and the General Motors Foundation, may have you rethinking the rotation. Apparently, after surveying 1,000 parents, the researchers found that one in five parents who carpool admit to bending the rules while driving. 

Some parents confessed they'd let kids ride without seatbelts or car seats. To make matters even scarier, there are also the bystanders' confessions.


The same study found that 61 percent of parents say they notice other carpool drivers breaking some very major roadway rules. No word on whether or not they reported or stopped the bad behaviors.

Starting to rethink that arrangement now? Or maybe thinking about your own car rules while driving around the neighborhood kids?

Let the carpool worrying commence in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

We'd all like to think that other parents will have our kids' best interests at heart, especially when they're responsible for them while commuting to school or activities. But this latest research points out that sometimes we're putting our trust in the wrong people.

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Carpools are all about convenience. Switching off days with a friend means you each do it for just a portion of the week. But does it mean that you're putting your kids at risk for convenience's sake?

Could be.

Maybe it's time for an old-fashioned sit-down? If you've chosen to carpool, get together with your co-drivers. Decide on the rules that you demand be enforced. Don't sacrifice convenience and mornings off if it means your child is unsafe in someone's car. Take precautions.

Make sure the other driver is equipped and able to handle the extra kids. Whether it means additional car seats and boosters, it's worth the precaution.

Do you carpool? How do you enforce rules in your car?


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