​Paris Jackson Pregnancy Rumors Break This Mom's Heart

paris jacksonThere are rumors circulating that Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson is pregnant. She's 16. The reason is because she was seen drinking water from a wine glass, so naturally that implies she skipped the wine because she's pregnant. This is a sign that people are quick to jump to the wrong conclusions and not just think that she's having water from a wine glass simply because she's 16. The last restaurant I ate at served their water in a wine glass by the way.

To add to the rumor, some are saying that Paris is big around the middle, so it must be a belly bump. This infuriates me because everyone is staring at her belly and making assumptions. Spreading rumors about a 16-year-old.


Speculating a pregnancy can be hurtful. This applies to all women. There are often rumors that Jennifer Aniston is expecting and there is this pressure by people who don't know her to have a baby. We don't know her circumstances. We don't know if she is trying or has no interest. We do know that words and speculation can be hurtful. When a rumor starts, it can be passed around to a friend's friend's aunt's cousin, and to that person, it becomes truth. They believe the rumor as fact and then the next stage of this begins -- the name-calling, the what she should do or not do. People putting their noses and opinions where they don't belong.

Now imagine that happening to your child. Your daughter. Imagine rumors being spread about her on a worldwide level. Imagine that everywhere your daughter goes, there is a chance for a rumor to start, or that one already did and people are whispering about her behind her back. That's what's happening to Paris Jackson.

Our daughters have enough pressure put on them. They receive that pressure from school, from friends, even from us, their parents. Imagine if your daughter was spotted at a restaurant, and because she drank water, ate dessert, and didn't have an extremely flat stomach, the locals started saying that she was pregnant. Then the local paper wrote about it. Flyers adding to the speculation were posted all over town. Your 16-year-old daughter.

We all need to be more respectful -- and especially respectful to kids, to teens. Even celebrity kids. Paris is someone's daughter. She lost her father at too early of an age. And here she is having to battle these rumors. It truly breaks my heart that this is the way we as a society treat our children. As a mom of a daughter, I worry about all the pressures that are put on her, and these pressures will become more challenging as she enters the teen years. We need to be more supportive, more positive. We can't assume that just because this, it must mean that. We have to create an environment that feels safe for teens to be themselves, to live without feeling like anything and everything they do must mean they are hiding something. That just adds to the pressure, which can add to depression and angst and feelings that they are alone in this world, that it's them against everyone else.

It can start with us.

How do these rumors about Paris Jackson make you feel? Have you had something like this happen with your kids? How did you navigate the issue?


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