10 Best & Worst States to Have a Baby: Is Yours on the List?

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Here's some news for you: children are expensive. Groundbreaking, right? But from the moment they enter the world, and actually long before it, there are medical expenses, living costs, and emergencies that can deplete your checking account faster than you can imagine. So the smartest strategy is to get the most bang for your buck. From child care to available doctors, every state varies in how it approaches its newest members of the population. So WalletHub did the work for you and compiled the rankings of 2014's best and worst states to have your baby.

They created a "budget" -- which includes hospital and delivery charges, infant care costs, cost of living, tax, milk costs, and average annual wages for nurses and pediatricians -- and used it to rank the states.


On top of that, the data included health care availability and the importance of creating a baby-friendly environment, and the 50 states, including the District of Columbia, were each given a grade.

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We've included the 10 best (in order of best to worse) and 10 worst (in order of better to worst) in the list below.

Can you believe the infant mortality rate in Louisiana?


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