Student Says She Was Suspended for Saying 'Bless You' to Sneezing Classmate

high school classroomI am all for the separation of church and state, especially when it comes to public school. With so many different religions within a community, it's not exactly fair to impose one specific set of beliefs on a diverse group of kids. So I understand why people get up in arms when a teacher teaches creationism. However, one Dyer, Tennessee, high school instructor may be taking the whole notion too far. A student was disciplined for saying "bless you" in class. Ridiculous, right? Wait until you hear their reasoning behind the punishment.


Kendra Turner explained that she said the courteous phrase to a classmate who sneezed. The teacher objected, telling the student she wouldn't tolerate "Godly speaking" in her class. Turner defended herself by asserting it was her constitutional First Amendment right and that earned her an in-school suspension.

The computer teacher allegedly said that phrases like that interfere with the flow of the class. (Whatever that means.) Other banned words include hang out, my bad, dumb, stupid, stuff.

A newly enrolled student at the school, Turner has been pleasantly surprised by all the support she has received from other students. Some have even worn T-shirts with the words "Bless You" emblazoned across them.

The school says that this entire situation has been blown out of proportion, but what a silly rule. In this day and age, a student should be praised for being polite, not picked on. Perhaps this teacher would be more grateful if she was thrown into one of the many failing, inner-city schools in New York or Detroit. Then she would see what it's like to deal with kids who interrupt the flow of her lesson.

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Do you think this teacher was out of line or are her rules fair?


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