Egg-Freezing Parties: All the Rage for Women Who Want to Be Moms ... Some Day​

Forget book clubs and paint nites, champagne-fueled egg freezing parties are the hot new girls' night out trend. Career women in-the-know have now turned to toasting how to delay motherhood until they're ready with "Let's Chill" celebrations.

Women are taking a subject they fear -- their biological clocks -- and turning the hands of time in their favor.



All right, now, women don't actually freeze their eggs together. No one is laying down in the stirrups with a cosmo in her hand.

Instead a company called Eggbanx brings women together and offers a CliffsNotes version of egg freezing 101. Women learn how their ovaries must be stimulated with fertility drugs for 12 days before their eggs are harvested under sedation. And they get familiar with the price tag: Eggbanxx charges between $6,500 and $7,500.

All this happens while you're sipping cocktails and making chit chat with your gal pals.

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What an egg-cellent (sorry ... just go with it) way to remove the stigma associated with women who want to devote time to themselves or their careers before motherhood. Instead of taking societal heat for being "selfish" for putting their fertility at risk, they are figuring out how to do it all. Maybe this trend will even cut down on the divorce rate. Many women feel pressured to settle down with Mr. Wrong because their biological clocks are thumping.

Egg-freezing is all about empowerment ... it's a way to achieve that precious work/life balance before motherhood. And it's over champagne. Who wouldn't raise their glasses to that idea?

What do you think about egg-freezing parties? Would you attend one?

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