Mom Gets Arrested for Swearing at Her Kids in the Grocery Store

A South Carolina mom was arrested for allegedly swearing at her kids in the bread aisle of a grocery store recently. According to the incident report, Danielle Wolf had it with her kids squeezing the bread at her local Kroger ... and she lost it.

A witness reports watching in horror as Wolf swore up a storm at her kids, and when the woman spoke up, she claims Wolf told her off too ... and that's when police stepped in. It was the repeated use of the F-word that got Wolf in big trouble.


According to local law, disorderly conduct generally means to "utter, while in a state of anger, in the presence of another, any bawdy, lewd, or obscene words or epithets" ... and Wolf allegedly fit that description to a T.

All right, let's cut through the BS. Are there any moms out there who can't relate to Danielle Wolfe? Kids have a knack for grating on every nerve. They come out of the womb as card-carrying experts, don't they? Button-pusher extraordinaires. Gray-hair-inducing enthusiasts. With every squeeze of bread, Wolfe saw more and more money flushed down the toilet. With every squeeze of bread, she felt her blood boil in each and every vein. Maybe she was going on a couple hours' sleep? Or she didn't feel well? Or she simply had a moment where she lost all self-control. It happens to the best of us.

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While many moms would never swear in front of or at their kids, surely we can all relate to that feeling of being on the brink of sanity. It comes with the motherhood turf. Wolfe should be reprimanded ... er, maybe just talked off the ledge (at the end of the day, bread squeezing is not the end of the world; just exhale, Danielle) ... but not arrested. Wolfe is due in court on September 12. Now that's really f-ing crazy.

Have you ever lost it in front of your kids? What happened?

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