Mom Gives Birth to 4 Kids in 9 Months

Have ever had a surprise pregnancy? Chances are, it wasn’t this shocking: a British mom found out she was preggers with triplets nine weeks after giving birth to her son. She delivered four babies in nine months. Forget coffee … that mom needs an IV of caffeine. I would even advocate for pumping and dumping after a glass of wine as needed.

Sarah Ward was still rocking maternity clothes after the birth of her son when she learned she was expecting again. She was floored because she had an extremely difficult time conceiving the first time around … and who really expects back-to-back pregnancies? One of the perks of pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding is a period sabbatical, right?


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Er, maybe not.

Moms like Sarah serve as a precautionary tale to the rest of us: it is possible to get pregnant right after baby ... even if you have had trouble in the past. I have several friends who wound up with a surprise second or third child because they thought they needed IVF to conceive. Something happens after you give birth sometimes that can make you Michelle Duggar-like ... so beware!

All that said, Sarah's pregnancies are pretty miraculous anyway you look at it. Incredible that her that her body was capable of such a feat, that her heart could handle the shock, that her babies are all healthy. When my kids are driving me crazy and I want to pull my hair out strand by strand, I will think of Sarah and her four kids under age 1 at bath time. That thought alone will get me through the day.

Have you had back-to-back pregnancies? How far apart are your kids?

Image via © Radius Images/Corbis

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