Photo of Pacifier Duct Taped to Baby's Mouth Gets Mom in Big Trouble​

Social media has elevated mommyhood to a whole new level of competition. Forget keeping up with the Joneses ... there’s now the desire to show them, their friends, and their friends’ friends what’s trending. An Ohio mom took her “like” obsession too far by allegedly posting a picture of her baby with her pacifier duct taped to her mouth on Facebook. #WTF?

The mom said it was supposed to be a gag ... not something that would hurt her 2-month-old. No child endangerment, she claims, just a joke taken out of context. (She was investigated; no criminal charges were filed, but the prosecutor may pursue a misdemeanor case.) 


Maybe the prospect of “likes” made her tipsy and impaired her judgment? Posting a super cute photo of your kid on social media can set your smartphone ablaze with praise. She’s so gorgeous! OMG ... he’s hilarious. Totally made my day! Who doesn’t need some positive reinforcement on any given Tuesday doing the hardest job in the world?

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The pursuit to “one-up” other moms is nothing new. It’s sport for some, their chance to win gold. You know the ones: An impeccably dressed, toned size two who works out at 4 a.m. to start her day. She’s head of the PTA with a serious Martha Stewart streak, delivering baked goods that put yours to shame for every fundraiser. Her husband? Doting. Her kids? Well-behaved, straight-A students who are stars of every team, kings and queens of every club, and volunteer because they want to, not because they are forced. Moms like that may even have a successful, home-based business just to put you over the edge ... and she documents every second of her superstar life on social media (and may find a reason to tag you if she’s extra bitchy). That’s the difference.

It used to be that moms could artfully avoid moms who got under their skin ... but social media has changed everything. There is no escape. Even if you’re not friends with the ultra-annoying, Olympian wannabe mom on Facebook, chances are your friends are, and her perfect posts show up on your newsfeed anyway. Seeing them day after day can make moms a little insecure ... maybe even a little loopy. But does it now have the power to make an average mom think duct taping her innocent baby’s mouth is a good idea for “likes” and a laugh? (Peeling or ripping duct tape off sensitive baby skin must have really hurt!)

Have you ever regretted a post you shared on Facebook involving your kids?

Image via © Mother Image/Redshorts/Corbis

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