Mother Arrested for Abandoning 8-Year-Old on City Street​

Oh boy, there are times when I'd love to drop my toddler off in front of the nearest playground with a few dollars for ice cream and spend several hours -- or years -- at the beach. Most of us take comfort in knowing we aren't the only ones who really yearn for a few minutes by ourselves -- especially when our kids are going through cranky or downright cruel phases. But one mother in New York City actually went off the deep end when she reportedly dumped her 8-year-old son on a street corner in Manhattan with $4 and told him, "You always wanted me to go away. I'll go away."

And go away she did -- disappearing for two weeks until police found and arrested her for abandonment.


Natasha Harrow admitted to cops that she left her son Elijah on the busy street by himself but didn't explain why she left him alone and took off.

A kind stranger, thankfully, noticed the little boy roaming around and contacted police. It took two whole weeks for them to catch up with Harrow, who is currently being held on $3,500 bail while her son is in his grandmother's care.

No matter how angry I've ever gotten at one of my children, I miss them like the dickens after a few hours of being away from them. I can't imagine how Harrow didn't lose her mind with worry wondering if her son was okay all alone on the street. What happened to her maternal instinct during those two weeks? How does it simply go on hiatus?

Of course, it's possible there is a lot more to this story than what we now know. But the root cause of her decision to abandon her son seems to be that she had enough of the stress of motherhood. Perhaps her child was being "difficult" and it was more than she had bargained for.

It's important for us to remember that our children are not adults. Even when we're going through rough times with them, we have to stand back and remember that we can't allow ourselves to react to them the way we might with another adult. Abandoning this boy isn't going to teach him a lesson -- it's going to scar him for life.

Why do you think this mom abandoned her son like this?


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