Nine West Thinks 'First Day of Kindergarten' Sets Moms Free to Shop

nine west first day of kindergartenAfter a long summer of vacations, sun, and time at home, it's finally that time of year: back to school. Now before you start weeping that your little baby is off to big kid school, there is a real big perk here for you, moms. Nine West is offering its First Day of Kindergarten collection, a selection of shoes that mom can buy to comfort herself when the student leaves home.

An excuse to buy shoes? Yes, please! Just look at these babies:


nine west first day of kindergarten

Come to mama!

The shoe brand is facing some flack for the campaign because apparently these aren't "typical" mom shoes, but we're calling it what it is ... brilliant. Brilliant in that it treats moms like regular people for a change.

Moms, as apocalyptic as the first day of school may be, it's time to face it: that little child isn't a baby anymore. We could sit around lamenting this fateful day ... or we could use it as a reason for some shoe therapy.

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Or not ... we recognize this is an ad, and they're just trying to sell us stuff. But we also recognize that going out and shopping for sexy shoes is OK. We're moms. And we can still love us some strappy heels now and again.

The point is, the first day of kindergarten is widely regarded as the worst day of a mom's life. From schools throwing special "boo hoo parties" for distraught moms to the sitcom mothers stalking their kids on the first day, conventional wisdom is a mother's life revolves around her child and therefore the cutting of the apron strings is going to be awful, awful, awful.

Eye. Roll.

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or are working during the day, it's OK if you think the first day of school is practically a holiday. You've spent the last couple weeks preparing for their return to school, shopping for every last possible supply, and planning how to commemorate the first day of school. But after they've boarded the bus, it's all about you!

Take some time to yourself, maybe go buy that sexy pair of shoes (Nine West brand or otherwise), and finally treat. yo. self. Your kid has made it to kindergarten ... and your life is NOT over.

treat yo self

How are you celebrating the first day of school?


Images via Nine West; gifkeeper/Tumblr

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