Mom Stranded Because Airline Won't Let Her Fly Alone With 2 Kids

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Canadian aviation rules that say moms can’t handle more than one child under the age of 2. Shocking, right? And that backward stance has left a mom stranded in Montreal with her kids, facing the impossible choice of leaving one behind.

Here’s the story: A pregnant woman from a remote part of Canada, Annie Kilabuk, decided to travel to Montreal with her toddler in tow to snag some baby bargains for her new arrival. Totally understandable. Unfortunately, she went into labor prematurely and had to deliver her baby. After she recovered from her scary ordeal, she wanted to fly home with her kids ... but she’s not allowed.


Canadian aviation regulations stipulate that no person can be responsible for more than one child under the age of 2 in case there's a need to evacuate. So Annie is going to have to choose between her baby, who has a heart murmur, and her toddler to travel home with and leave the other behind (until she can fly back for the child).

Seriously? I have no doubt that that woman can juggle her two kids, luggage, diaper bags, tickets ... even carry a baggie of Cheerios in her mouth and balance a teething toy on her nose. She’s a mom. We can see anything out of the corners of our eyes. We can detect trouble on sound level alone (quiet = something’s going down). We are magicians that can carry twice our body weight in kids’ stuff before your very eyes without breaking a sweat. Poof! We get it done.

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Newsflash, Canada: Moms give birth to twins, triplets, even sextuplets. Some moms have 19 Kids & Counting, popping out one a year or so. How can an airline possibly ask a mom to choose between children? How can it prevent a mom from flying her kids back home together where they belong? Is this outrageous or what?

How would you feel if you were told you aren’t allowed to be responsible for your two young kids on a flight?

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