Doll With Penis Called 'Inappropriate' by Uptight Parents​

penis doll

Uh-oh. A new toy on the market has some parents all bent out of shape, all because it's anatomically correct, which is, you know -- scandalous!

The Toys R' Us doll has a penis and is part of the You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper doll collection. And since the thing went on sale, Facebook has been blowing up with comments from parents who are deeming the doll to be "inappropriate" and "unnecessary."

Did I mention it also cries when its underpants are wet?

Yep. This thing is just about as realistic as plastic babies can possibly get.


And while this photo doesn't depict the actual doll, it gives you a good idea of what has people all in a tizzy.

penis doll

Boom! That's a penis, all right -- but is this really such a big deal? It's not like it's a life-sized doll of a grown man or something ... it's a baby. And the last time I checked, baby boys do have penises, so doesn't it kind of make sense for this thing to have one as opposed to taking off its diaper and finding ... nothing down there?

And given the young age of children who typically play with baby dolls, it's not like they're going to look at this toy and go, "OMG! It has a penis!" If anything, they won't even bat an eyelash, since they haven't yet learned to associate parts of the body with anything sexual.

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The only reason this doll is at all controversial is because some parents are making it that way. As for whether or not I'd have a problem letting my child play with it? Nope. Not at all. Granted, maybe I'm a little bit biased because I have a boy. Seeing the same body part that he has would not faze him in the slightest -- but by the same token, I really doubt I'd have an issue with it if I had a daughter either. I'd honestly rather her ask me why her baby doll has different parts than she does than have her inquire as to why there are none. (Just sayin'.)

On that note, it's your turn to weigh in.

Do you find this doll offensive?


Images via Toys R' Us; Johanna Thomas

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