Mom Gets to Hug 6-Year-Old Son for the First Time Thanks to Stranger (PHOTO)

alex pringA hug is such a simple thing. It's a wonderful gesture of friendship and love, and one we can sometimes take for granted. But for 6-year-old Alex Pring and his family, a hug is a sign of so much more. When Alex was born, he was missing part of his right arm, but a student at the University of Central Florida designed a 3-D printed arm for Alex, who was then able to fully hug his mom for the first time ever.

Grab your tissues, because when you see their first full hug (meaning that Alex was able to wrap his arms around mom), you'll be feeling all the feels. Take a look:


alex pring hugs mom

Recovered yet? It's such a special moment and you can see just how much it means to both mom and Alex.

And it's all thanks to Albert Manero, who is pursuing his PhD in mechanical engineering at UCF. He met Alyson, Alex's mom, on e-NABLE, an online volunteering network, and thought he could put his engineering skills to good use. Not long after, Alex was outfitted with a brand new arm that allows him to catch a ball, ride a bike, and perform all other regular duties. But most of all, he can now cuddle. And that is one great gift.

Think about it. How many times a day do you hug your child? It may be a ton, but do you see its value each and every time? Sometimes, it takes stories like this and moments like the one above to make us realize just how special those tiny instances are.

So go ahead and take a minute and just hug away. But this time, really think about the moment.

Do you remember your child's first hug?


Images via Kt Crabb Photography

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