Child Poops on Airplane Seat With Parents' Permission

delta airlineIt's not uncommon to hear that a whole airplane full of people were annoyed by one child, but what happened recently on a Delta flight was icky enough to make international headlines. Aboard a flight from Beijing to Detroit last week, a Chinese child proceeded to do his business right out on his plane seat -- albeit on top of newspaper that his parents laid down for him.

Apparently, passengers and the flight attendant asked the parents to bring the child to the restroom, but the kid's grandpa insisted that he go at his seat. Eek. Clearly, it was an uncomfortable situation for everyone present!


According to Radio Free Asia, a Taiwanese flight attendant said there is no law prohibiting a child from pooping in his seat. And there's also a cultural difference to note: Though it is becoming far less socially acceptable for people in China's urban middle and upper classes to consider going to the bathroom in public, it's still common in rural areas.

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That said, the incident is rubbing most people (many in China who were tweeting up a disgraced storm in response) the wrong way. Sure, this is an extreme situation that isn't happening on planes every day (thank goodness), but it only serves to add fuel to the fire that parents who fly with their kids are nuisances. And that's nothing short of a disservice to other parents who are only doing everything they possibly can to get through an airplane trip sans disruptive crying, bathroom accidents, or anything else potentially disruptive to other passengers! Ay yi yi!

Let's hope no future flight has to endure a similar incident. It's bad enough to have to breathe recycled air while listening to babies cry from take-off to landing, but this is one thing that we can all agree stinks for everyone!

What's the craziest thing you've seen a kid do on a flight?


Image via dougletterman/Flickr

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