Donut Shop Bans Toddler for His 'Offensive' Question (VIDEO)

doughnuts boxKids will be kids, especially when they're toddlers, and they don't really know any better than to be narcissistic little buggers! That's just who they are at that age! And most of us can accept that ... But apparently, doughnut store owners in Monroe, Connecticut, don't.

The Doughnut Inn is making headlines after a customer named Rebecca Denham says her 4-year-old son, Justin Otero, asked a woman at the shop if she had a baby in her belly. When the woman said, "No," Otero apologized, and Denham said she responded with a mortified, "Oh my goodness, I'm so embarrassed, I'm so sorry!" The woman reportedly shrugged it off, but the managers of the shop didn't take it so lightly. When Denham and her son returned on Tuesday morning, they were asked to leave. Denham says she was told that her son's 'not allowed in here.' The explanation: "He's rude." Yes, the doughnut shop BANNED the little boy.

What ... in ... the world?!


This has to be the silliest turn of events of all time. Okay, maybe not of all time, but wow ... What were these doughnut shop owners thinking? Why shame this mother for something that every parent has to deal with at one time or another?

Like it or not, toddlers can be rude! They're TODDLERS. They don't know any better. Sure, a hundred or so years ago, society used to believe that no matter how old a child was, they were to act dignified, have all of their manners perfectly in tact, and basically be treated like mini-adults. Well, times have changed, and child psychologists have explained that kiddos go through stages of development. Obviously, diplomacy and tact in delicate social situations are not skills we should expect them to have at 4 years old. Oy!

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Nonetheless, most parents do what they can to correct and steer their little ones in the right direction, using various situations -- perhaps like this one -- to teach them right from wrong, rude from polite.

Unfortunately, what happened here to this mom and her son is just so ludicrous, it doesn't even seem to make for a very productive teachable moment. Denham says she's struggling to explain what happened to her son. Maybe it all boils down to this: Toddlers will grow up and learn, but seriously kooky and oversensitive adults are probably a lost cause!

What would you do if you were in this mom's shoes?

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