10-Year-Old's Marriage Advice for His Teacher Is Priceless (PHOTO)​

marriage advice from kidsOnce you're engaged and begin planning the wedding, you'll hear marriage advice from every last person you know. Mom and dad (and the future in-laws), that long-lost aunt, and your already married friend will each lend their sage pieces of wisdom. But let's face it, sometimes the best advice will come from the most unexpected source. Like maybe a 10-year-old? It worked that way for one teacher, who got the best marriage advice ever from a fifth-grade student.

Miss Rickus and Officer Mike were married over the weekend, according to one Reddit user who posted the picture, and little Ethan set them up with the best rules to follow for a rockin' marriage. Check it out:


marriage advice from kids

All right moms, wives, and brides-to-be, please print this immediately and tack it up somewhere in your home. You'll want to follow along, step by step. Especially with number 5. But that's already a given, right?

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Sometimes our kids give us the biggest laughs. They can be totally honest ("it's better that way, trust me"), ridiculous (the penguin's a great idea, but let's be real here), and perfectly sweet ("have fun!").

The crazy things they say can leave us busting our guts with laughter and quizzing ourselves on just where they came up with it. But hey, at least they keep us entertained.

What's the best marriage advice you've ever received?


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