Breastfeeding Moms Shocked by Sign Outside Cafe (PHOTO)

breastfeeding momImagine getting over the hurdles of breastfeeding when baby is born. No concerns that your milk is coming in. Baby has perfected her latch. You've found the right angle and position that works best to nurse your baby without hurting your shoulders and neck. You've finally gotten comfortable with it all. It's quite a victory. And then you're faced with the outside world and all their crazy notions that breastfeeding is an act that should be hidden from view.

But one cafe made a small gesture that gives a huge amount of support to moms who breastfeed -- they put up a sign addressing breastfeeding moms directly.


breastfeeding sign at cafe

Emma O'Connor, the general manager of Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham, England, put up this sign offering breastfeeding moms a free cup of tea to relax. (O'Connor also said the offer was for bottlefeeding moms as well.)

The UK is a place where it is illegal to discriminate against a breastfeeding mother, and yet this sign is still needed. Because society as a whole just isn't on board (in the UK or here). Laws aren't enough. We need support from friends, family, business owners, passersby. As a breastfeeding mom, there is often that hesitation when out and about to breastfeed. You think ... who is watching, who will scoff, will I get looks, will I be uncomfortable because people are looking or scowling? As a breastfeeding mom, we worry about these things because of the things we hear that happened to other breastfeeding moms, because of the fact that everyone wants us to wear a coverup. Women on planes get harassed for nursing baby, we get kicked out of stores, museums, even told to leave family court. So the fact that this restaurant went out of their way to put up a sign welcoming breastfeeding moms, allowing us to really relax, is so welcomed. Thank you. Thank you to anyone who has ever supported a breastfeeding mom. 

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These are the people who believe moms and babies should be banished to bathrooms, or babies should be kept under a tent mama wears around her neck because it would burn eyes out if anyone caught a glimpse of a baby nourishing herself with some breast milk. This is a reality breastfeeding moms face everywhere we go no matter what the rules are. Gestures of support and encouragement will only help others see breastfeeding as normal, common, not obscene in the least bit. We can only hope.

What do you think of this cafe putting up this sign?


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