Cop's Dramatic Rescue of Drowning Toddler Caught on Video

above ground poolWith summer comes the fear of water. It's a parent's fear, as we know that most kids love pools and lakes and the ocean. They love it so much that they have no fear of it, making the water a luring place that kids dare to sneak into when no one is looking. As parents, we all have moments when we aren't looking -- it's hard not to. But that's precisely when accidents happen.

Two-year-old Drances was with his aunt Cynthia Conner at their Cleveland home. Conner was speaking with police officers in the front yard because of an earlier incident when a car damaged the fence around the home. Drances managed to sneak off and into the above-ground pool. He was found in the pool, lifeless and purple. The rescue was caught on an officer's body camera. It's terrifying to watch, but serves as a good reminder of what can happen in seconds. 


Patrolman Ismael Quintana, who is a father of a child the same age as Drances, said this is the only time he has ever been scared while on the job -- and he's worked in the city for eight years. Drances was unconscious. His aunt Cynthia said, "He was purple. He was lifeless. When they picked him up -- he had no, nothing. He was, like, shaking; his lips were shaking. It’s something I’m never gonna forget, like, sometimes I just wake up thinking about it." You can hear the fear in her voice. And also how grateful she is to the responding officer who helped her save Drances.

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This is a reminder that we cannot take our eyes off our kids even for a second. Sometimes that's impossible, but we need to take every measure possible to keep our kids safe. We cannot get distracted and have our attention diverted from what our kids are doing and where they are going. Kids just naturally want to explore, and they will even when our backs are turned. We have to also remind anyone who is watching our kids to stay alert and not let anything distract them from watching our kids. This is especially true if they are near a pool without a locked fence around it.

Officer Quintana and Cynthia worked together to give Drances CPR, which saved his life. The toddler was taken to the hospital and was able to come home after a few days. We're all happy this story had a happy ending.

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Have you ever had a terrifying incident like this? Do you know CPR yet?


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