9-Year-Old & 4-Year-Old Get Caught Stealing a Car (& It's Not the First Time!)

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We've heard of kids managing to get behind the wheel of a vehicle plenty of times in the past, but would you believe a Wisconsin 9-year-old stole a car twice in two months to go out on a joyride?

Yes, I said twice.

Back in June, the boy took a 4-year-old with him on a drive to his grandmother's house. Then on Sunday morning, the same two kids were found cruising along the road. A teen driver saw them and called the Sheriff's Office. The 9-year-old wound up driving the car into a ditch when a deputy tried to intercept him.


Thankfully neither one of the kids was injured -- but that doesn't change the fact that the older boy managed to get his hands on the keys to the vehicle, which reportedly belongs to his stepfather.

You'd think that after the first time he stole the car, his parents would do a better job of making sure the keys are nowhere to be found. Having your child do something that dangerous once is scary enough! If this were your kid, wouldn't you be a little more diligent about taking the proper precautions to ensure he could never do it again?

(Until he's of legal driving age, of course.)

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After this second incident, the case is being investigated as a possible child neglect situation, and honestly, we really can't blame police for going that route. I guess the whole "kids will be kids" thing could be used as an excuse for why this boy stole the car the first time. But his second joyride should have and probably could have been prevented by his parents.

Hopefully they've learned their lesson and will do everything in their power to make sure this child doesn't get behind the wheel again before he officially has a driver's license. The thought of our kids driving when they are in their teens is scary enough without having to worry about them being on the road before their 10th birthday.

Do you think this child's parents are to blame?


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