Strangers Rescue Kids Trapped in Hot Car While Mom Was at Beauty Salon (VIDEO)

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EDITOR'S NOTE: New reports indicate the mother in this case was not, in fact, getting a haircut but was one of the people trying to rescue her children from the car -- after she accidentally locked the kids inside as she was getting them into the car. The mother is the one who asked people to help her after she called for help and was told by her insurance company that it would take two hours for someone to arrive to unlock the car.

Shoppers at a strip mall in Katy, Texas are being hailed as heroes today after they saved two children trapped in a hot car by smashing the windows to get them out.



According to eyewitness Gabriel Del Valle, he heard the kids crying out after exiting a shop. It then took several minutes to free them from the hot vehicle, in part because the child protection locks were activated on the doors of the car. One man even went so far as to grab a hammer to attempt to break through the glass.

As for the mother of the kids? Yeah ... she was at the salon, having her hair cut.

You can see the shoppers frantically trying to free the children in this video clip.

After returning to the car, the mother supposedly begged and pleaded with the shoppers who helped the children not to call the police and admitted she'd made a BIG mistake in leaving her kids. Luckily for her, they obliged and did not get the authorities involved.

But even if she was truly remorseful, it doesn't change the fact that moms simply cannot take the risk of leaving our kids locked in the car even for a few minutes -- especially in scorching summer temperatures.

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Sure, it can be extremely tough to find time to do things for ourselves like getting haircuts, but there had to be another alternative for this mother than bringing the kids with her and leaving them in the car. If she wasn't able to find a babysitter that day, she could have always just brought the children into the salon with her, even with the risk of them running around and causing a ruckus.

Thankfully her children were reportedly not harmed since there were kind strangers around who stepped in and took matters into their own hands to get them to safety. But let's hope this mother learned her lesson once and for all and will make the proper arrangements before booking her salon appointments from here on out.

Do you think the shoppers should have called the police?


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