Breastfeeding Mom Kicked Out of Pool Because Baby 'Might' Spit Up

baby in poolNow we've heard everything. A breastfeeding mother was kicked out of a pool the other day. But in a twist on an old story, Rebecaa Hough wasn't shamed for baring her naked breasts. She was warned that 10-month-old Max might vomit in the pool.

Hey, you know what they say about waiting to swim after eating! In fact, Hough was warned she shouldn't just leave the pool to nurse her baby, but that she then had to wait half an hour before returning Max to the pool.


Sounds an awful lot like someone was trying to skirt the laws protecting breastfeeding mothers, doesn't it? The incident occurred in the UK, after all, where nursing moms are protected under equality laws.

But is this something we really should be concerned about? Babies up and puking up all their breast milk? At 10 months?

Maybe at a few weeks old, when moms are still trying to figure out whether baby is crying because he's hungry or crying because he needs cuddles, whether he's sucking because he needs milk or sucking because it's comforting, this could be construed as a "problem." Many moms have overfed their babies in the early days because they're still trying to get a handle on their baby's cues.

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But if your baby is regularly vomiting after eating, there's a problem!

Of course, babies may spit up -- even at 10 months old. But typically spit-up is a little dribble, no more than what a nasty teenager would bring up if they hocked a loogie into the pool ... and really no more disgusting than the pee most toddlers let loose when they're swimming (didn't want to think about that, did you?).

So let's be real here -- is the slim chance that a baby may or may not throw up really a reason to kick a mom out of the pool? Or should these pool folks just back off?


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