​Dad Films Wife Giving Birth ... While Driving Her at Top Speed to the Hospital (VIDEO)

Kristin dickerson troy go-pro camera birthProving once again that a mom-to-be could have a birth plan, but things often don't go the way you plan, Texas mom Kristin Dickerson recently gave birth right outside a Houston hospital's doors. This after an emotionally-charged, high-speed ride with her husband behind the wheel ... and filming the labor and delivery with his GoPro camera!

Yup. Instead of keeping his eyes firmly planted on the road, Troy Dickerson opted to multitask -- driving and documenting his wife's labor. Although he seemed pretty darn sure she wasn't nearly as far along as she seemed to believe, it turns out their son Truett (their third) was, indeed, quite ready to make his debut!

See the drama play out in the video below ...


Wow! Now that's one patient mama, huh? I'm sure not too many women would have been nearly as cool with their husbands filming that entire, high-adrenaline experience! Not to mention that it probably wasn't the best idea for Troy to attempt to shoot and drive (that fast especially) at the same time ... yeesh!

But no worries! Seems like Kristin just felt really grateful to have delivered a healthy, happy baby boy. Even if she had to basically live through and "star" in an amateur filmmaker's attempt at an action flick to do so!

If you were this mom, would you have wanted your husband to film your labor and delivery?


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