Pregnant Woman Attacked by Rabid Fox Takes a Risk to Protect Her Baby

Mom getting vaccine while pregnantAn expectant mom in upstate New York is in recovery after being attacked by a rabid fox in front of her home late last month. After the harrowing incident, Shannon Edwards received the first round in a series of four rabies vaccine shots and stitches. Sure, it's one more thing Edwards has to add to an already packed medical regimen, and a tough call to boot, given that she's six months pregnant, and there are risks associated with any vaccine. But that was a fear Edwards had to face -- head-on.

Rabies could be fatal, attacking the brain and spinal cord. And it can take a while -- several weeks to several months -- for rabies symptoms to appear, but early treatment after an exposure can prevent it. In short, Edwards did what she had to do to protect herself -- and her unborn child.

This is just one extreme example of the difficult decisions moms-to-be have to make all the time.


All right, so maybe it's not the rabies vax! But just about every pregnant woman has to make a health call -- perhaps a CT scan or a prenatal test -- that freaks her out at one time or another. She may have to say "yes" to something her doctor recommends that's not statistically without risk. But it's something she needs to do for her own well-being ... and, in turn, her baby's.

Not that making that tough call won't be the greatest challenges you face while expecting your little one! I can only imagine how stressful it must've been for Shannon Edwards to have to go through this attack and then okay those rabies shots. But if it's what will keep you well, it's obviously for the best.

Thankfully, both Edwards and her baby are in good shape following the upsetting turn of events. Her story is one that should give other pregnant women who must make unexpected but necessary medical choices hope that they'll fare just as well.

What tough medical calls did you have to make while you were pregnant?


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