Kindergarten Admission Test Is Stumping Adults: Can You Pass?

school testThink you’re more intelligent than a 4-year-old? I sure thought I was, up until I took a new kindergarten admission test geared for this tender age group! I failed miserably, which proves one of two things: Either I’m an idiot, or this test is crazy. After all, if I flunked it, how would my 4-year-old daughter do? 

Called the Admission Assessment for Beginning Learners (or AABL for short), this new assessment will be offered this fall at some schools as an alternative to standard IQ tests often administered around this age. Stranger still, the test will be administered by iPad (aren’t parents lectured up the wazoo that they should cut down on the amount of screen time their kiddos get?).


So far, only a couple of New York City’s most elite schools have decided to use this kindergarten admission test to screen potential students. Nonetheless, it fits with an overall trend of pushing ever younger kids to excel.

As a mom who breaks into a sweat just thinking about the SATs (and that's something kids take in high school), I'm horrified at the idea of subjecting my preschooler to such a test. She'd probably love the fact that it's on an iPad, but talk about pressure! My gut says this test says little about a child's intelligence, even less about her eventual success or happiness!

Think you -- or your precious budding Einstein -- would pass the AABL with flying colors?

Take a crack at a few sample questions on the test, then check out the correct answers below to see how you stack up. Even after seeing the correct answer to the first and second ones, I’m still scratching my head. (Answers below) 

test boat

test fence
test triangle

How did you do? How about your kids?



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