3 Teens Reportedly Beat Up & Rob Ice Cream Man -- And It's Caught on Video

Somebody stop me before I utter that phrase all "old people" love to say: what is wrong with kids today?! And the answer is: most young people would NEVER do what three North Carolina teens reportedly did to an innocent man trying to make a living -- but for those guilty, a lack of respect is the number one culprit, if you ask me.

An ice cream man in Charlotte was going about his day, earning money in an honest way by selling treats from a small portable cart, when three teens reportedly robbed and beat him up -- and someone had the wisdom to capture the entire thing on video. Because I guess they thought this was funny? Or that these young people should be proud of such a momentous achievement in their lives?


The attack started when one girl reportedly walked right up to the man and opened the lid to his cart. He shut the lid in response, which led another teen girl and a boy to jump in and attack the man by slapping and punching him. The man appears to be shielding himself from the teenagers and not fighting back. His identity is unknown and he didn't go to police himself because, it is suggested, he may be an undocumented immigrant who fears deportation.

But, in this day and age, the victim doesn't even have to report a crime -- because everyone is so eager to film crimes they see on the street -- instead of stepping in and actually trying to STOP them -- that they pretty much make a judge's job dead easy.

It isn't clear WHO videotaped the crime, but it was posted to a Facebook account and was quickly shared online. One concerned person came across the vid and called Eyewitness News, which ultimately led to the police getting involved. Cops arrested one teen -- a boy named Daishaun Tyrone Burney -- and it's only a matter of time before they capture the two girls involved in this stupid, senseless crime.

I know young people do stupid things. Careless, often disrespectful things. They find humor in situations that aren't at all funny. But a major line is crossed when someone attacks another person and threatens his livelihood -- and for what reason -- to simply show you can exert power over another person?

It's also pretty disgusting that no one tried to step in and help the ice cream man. This happened in broad daylight. People need to start putting their phones down and getting involved in real life. This incident could have been stopped as soon as it started and these teens could have been arrested on the spot.

Respect is underrated.

Do you think these teens should be treated like criminals or is this nothing more than a teen prank?


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