KFC Hoax Family Won't Get Huge Donation After All

Victoria WilcherThere's yet another twist in what has become known as the KFC hoax story. Remember the family of the 3-year-old who'd been mauled by pitbulls, the ones who claimed a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Mississippi kicked her out because of her scarred face? Wait, of course you do! This case just can't stay out of the news. Well it turns out Victoria Wilcher's family will not be getting some of the donations set aside for the little girl after all.

The KFC corporation was holding firm on its offer of $30,000 for Victoria's medical bills -- even after an investigation revealed the little girl was never actually kicked out of one of its restaurants. Pretty noble of them?

Well Victoria's parents have turned them down.


"We didn’t feel it was appropriate to accept it after everything KFC has done," a family lawyer told the Clarion-Ledger, a local newspaper. The family has suggested the funds instead be donated to a foundation run by Dr. Frank Stile, the plastic surgeon who offered to operate on Victoria's injuries. 

Stile is also sticking by his promises to Victoria, and he has a fundraiser for the toddler on his foundation website. What's more, the approximately $100,000 raised on a GoFundMe site for the child will still go to the family and is expected to be put in a trust for Victoria.

There are a lot of mixed emotions when reading about this story. It appear the real perpetrators of the hoax were Victoria's aunt and grandmother -- although it's hard to tell what her parents' involvement was, if any. These people played with people's hearts and violated their trust.

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The fact that they are getting any money is a little hard to take.


And this is a big but, folks.

BUT, we have to remember that a 3-year-old has been hurt. Her scars are the real thing; she really was mauled by a bunch of dogs. She's been through hell.

So while it's good to see someone finally show a wee bit of integrity and turn back that money from KFC, it's hard to begrudge a little girl some free surgery, isn't it? She didn't perpetrate a viral hoax. She's just a toddler! A hurt toddler.

And every one who has ever dealt with a set of jerk parents who somehow managed to raise a really nice kid knows ... kids aren't at fault for their families. They're just stuck with them.

How do you feel about the Wilchers turning down this money? Should they be able to get their hands on ANY of it?


Image via Victoria's Victories

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