4-Year-Old Kicked Out of Restaurant for 'Offensive' Shirt

restaurantThink the hardest part of dining out with toddlers is getting them to sit in their seat and wait for their eats? Try this one on for size! A family in Georgia is claiming they were kicked out of a restaurant because of their 4-year-old's shirt.

Little Lewis Roberts was dressed like most kids his age in a lime green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tee. But that wasn't the problem for The Tavern at Phipps Plaza, an Atlanta eatery. It was the fact that Lewis' shirt had no sleeves -- and the restaurant has a clear "gentlemen's dress code" that forbids sleeveless shirts.


The family's complaints have prompted an apology from the restaurant, which issued a statement noting that children are exempt from its policies.

Anyone else seeing a problem here?

With the apology?

The restaurant had a policy. The family violated it, and then they threw a hissy.

Talk about a horrible message to send your kids!

The fact is, children need to be taught about appropriate attire for different situations. They need to understand that you can wear your bathing suit to the local ice cream stand, for example, but you put on a shirt and pants for a sit-down establishment. The nicer the eatery, the nicer their clothes should be.

By 4, kids are certainly old enough to grasp this concept. What's more, they're old enough to note when they're being allowed to bypass rules ... and internalize that.

If The Tavern wants to change its policy for future kids, that's one thing. But as the policy stood at the time of this child's visit, he should not get a pass.

What do you think? Would you expect your child to get a pass on a restaurant's dress code?


Image via a.pitch/Flickr

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