Orphan Famous for 'Love Me Forever' Plea at Church Removed from New Home

Davion OnlyWhen an orphan showed up at a Florida church last year and begged for someone to "love me forever," hearts opened up. Thousands of offers poured in to adopt Davion Only. So how is the teenager doing these days? Not so good. The 16-year-old has reportedly been sent back to square one after being removed from the home of a potential adoptive family.

According to news reports, Only was involved in an altercation with another child in the home as well as the father. He'd lived with the family in Ohio for just a few months, but already had been baptized and signed up to play football -- a lifelong dream for the long-time foster kid.


It's a heartbreaking hurdle.

And sadly, it's reality.

While stories like Davion's tend to bring out big-hearted people, simply wanting to adopt kids is not enough for a happy ending. It really takes a certain type of person (or people) to be able to do it, and even there there are bound to be bumps in the road. After all, kids like Davion are exactly that -- KIDS.

It's not like adopting a puppy or kitty cat. They're human beings with emotions and needs. You don't seamlessly fit them into your family; you have to be willing to do the work they need.

That said, the fact that thousands of people opened their hearts to Davion in the first place is proof that there are people who want to do what it takes to give this kid a forever home. Hopefully he makes a connection with them.

If you think you could help Davion -- or any child -- Eckerd, a nonpro­fit youth & family service organizations, is handling his case and has information on how to adopt. Inquiries are also being accepted via the Heart Gallery.

Have you considered adoption? What do you think it takes to be a good adoptive parent?


Image via Tim Boyles/Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco

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