9-Year-Olds Abandoned by Bus Driver on Busy Road Miles From Home

school busWhen you drop your children off at the school bus stop in the morning, you expect to meet them there in the afternoon. Unfortunately, in a scary story coming out of Palm Beach, Florida, parents were shocked and terrified when their 9-year-olds did not return from summer school at the designated stop and time. It turns out that the bus driver dropped off little Aleece Gonzalez and her friend on a busy road and drove off.

The girls ended up at a gas station while their parents were calling police to report their missing kids.


A helpful Samaritan recognized that the girls were in need of help and called the parents. They were reunited with their parents and are safely home. But it's all thanks to the girls' quick thinking.

It's difficult to imagine what was passing through their minds as they realized that the bus driver had driven off and they were in an unfamiliar place. Fortunately, they had the foresight to go to a public place and seek help.

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If we learn one thing from this terrifying story, it's that we should encourage children to seek help when they find that something is wrong. Teaching them to recognize when a situation doesn't feel right, then having them be able to reach a safe space and find help, can ultimately lead them to safety.

You never know when they're going to need to fend for themselves.

Does your child know where to seek help if they're alone? What have you told them to do?


Image via Bill McChesney/Flickr

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