Dad Arrested Because 8-Year-Old Skipped Church (VIDEO)

jeffrey williamsonTongues are clucking after a father in Blanchester, Ohio was arrested. The charge? Child endangerment. Except what actually happened doesn't seem even close to befitting of that description. Jeffrey Williamson said that when the bus from the Woodville Baptist Church came to pick up his 8-year-old son, Justin, and his siblings, the kids ran "into the house in the living room" to say, "Hey, Dad, the church van's here. We're leaving. We're going on to church." Williamson said, "OK," trusting his kids -- and the bus driver.

Little did the father know, he says, that Justin didn't actually get on the bus, instead venturing out to play in the neighborhood -- and ending up at the Family Dollar store on a busy road about a half mile from his house. That's where police were called to bring Justin home, where they arrested his dad.


Williamson lost his job as a result of this fiasco and could face six months in jail. Completely crazy!

Even if they're watched within an inch of their lives, kids that age have all sorts of opportunities all the time to sneak off and follow their own agenda. Sure, we do our best to watch them as much as we can, but there comes a time when you trust them, and you hope that they're not going to break that trust. OR you trust another adult to make sure they are where they're supposed to be. How is that endangering them? If anything, it's simply a frustrating realization a parent may have that they can't exactly trust someone they thought was an authority figure (in this case, the bus driver!) to take their place.  

We can only do our best to teach our kids to be safe, remain where they're supposed to be, not wander off, know their surroundings, neighborhood, and what to do if they get lost. Williamson says that Justin knows the neighborhood he was found in. He says he "goes out in the neighborhood and plays every day with all the other kids," and that he "knows the parents, and the parents know him." That's gotta count for something!

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It's pretty clear this dad did nothing to deserve this charge. So to think that he and his kids now have to live in fear that he'll be put away for an everyday occurrence should concern us all.

Do you think this dad is guilty of child endangerment?


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