Nanny Accused of Leaving Kids in Hot Car So She Could Tan

thermometer 90 degreesAnother thing to add to the list of things you didn't think you'd have to tell the sitter: don't leave the kids alone in a hot car while you hit the tanning bed. Sound crazy? That's what cops in Oregon say a nanny did with her two young charges recently.

The 3-year-old boy and 2-month-old girl are lucky to be alive after being rescued by police from a minivan on a day when police say the temperatures were in the 90s.


This doesn't seem to be a sad case of kids accidentally forgotten in a hot vehicle. Police claim Kristin Marie Jones knew what she was doing, and they've charged her with two counts each of first-degree criminal mistreatment, recklessly endangering another, first-degree child neglect, and one count of driving while suspended because of it. The mom of these little ones was at work the whole time.

Of course that's the scariest part of this story for every parent out there and why Jones' story seems to have gone viral. You leave your kids with someone you think you can trust, only for something like this to happen.

Some parents on Facebook have been using this as a means to one up one another about their decisions to stay at home or only use family members for childcare, but that's not always an option for every mom. Some 49 percent of working mothers with kids 4 and under use relatives, while 37 percent use a daycare center home-based non-relative sitter.

It's a fact of life for many American parents, and it works out just fine ... most of the time.

But cases like these always remind us that it's our job as parents to do our due diligence when choosing a provider. This woman didn't even have a license and was somehow driving with these kids? That's a red flag right there!

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And what's more, to have explicit instructions for your sitter on every bit of their day. No feeding them this. No taking them there. No leaving them in a car ... no demand is too out-of-this world to make on your sitter if it means keeping your kids safe.

Micro-managing might not be your style, but it's OK to be a taskmaster with the sitter or nanny you hire. These are your kids you're talking about!

Do you know what your sitter is doing with your kids while you're gone?


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